Make no mistake, if you don’t want to be here, Frank Lampard will oust you

The culture is changing at Chelsea Football Club and along with that, player power is being escorted directly out the door by Frank Lampard himself.

We have seen player power creep in over recent times at the club, and its really ingrained a dark cloud of negativity.

Lampard has been a player at the club when elements of this has happened, so he will know first hand what effect it can have on players, staff and the fans.

I believe this is one of the main reasons that he immediately allowed David Luiz to join Arsenal, and why I feel Willian and Marcos Alonso will both be close behind him through the exit door.

These are players who are either ageing, or lack the quality to be regular starters anymore, that’s just a fact.

As a player you can react to that in different ways. You can sulk and demand to be a starter, or you can get your head down, work harder and prove your manager wrong.

So many times over the years this has happened and players will sulk, and start talking to other players moaning and groaning, causing unrest and a lack of motivation to creep in.

Frank Lampard will not have that at Chelsea. If you aren’t prepared to fight for your place, or you aren’t bothered whether you are a Chelsea player or not, then you’re out the door regardless of who you are. And I hail that.

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